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1. fate.
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27 September 2010

i love shoes

First things first: I love shoes. Doesn't everyone? I really love dress shoes. Flats, wedges, heels . . . you name it, I love it (except those weird boot things and gladiator sandals...yuck). So, I love wearing heels as much as the next girl, but they are also a never-ending source of entertainment. Allow me to explain. Picture this: a girl wearing a nice blouse, dress pants and tall high heels. Sounds really cute, right? Well, add this: a heavy book bag that weighs her down and causes her to struggle on those centimeters wide heels as she (attempts) to run across campus, undoubtedly late for a class. Funny, no? I've even witnessed girls walking across campus barefoot and carrying their shoes. Gross! Do they even realize how dirty the ground is? It doesn't get cleaned. It just makes me laugh when I see girls struggling across campus in heels. They did it to themselves. It gets even more entertaining once the weather gets colder, and the ground proportionally icier.

My general rule for myself regarding heels is that in order to wear them, I need to be able to be comfortable in them doing whatever I need to do for that day (or wherever I'm going in them) and not look like a stork while I'm walking around.

What are your thoughts on heels? Do you have a "high heels rule" for yourself?


Karen said...

I love shoes. I wish my feet could be comfortable in all kinds of shoes. My "high heel" rule is that I don't wear them! Give me a low heel or even a cute wedge. Comfort outweighs style when I'm shopping for shoes.

Brittany said...

Everyone knows I love a good high heel. My rules are that they have to be comfortable, cute and I have to be able to run in them. Chasing a baby and a toddler in heels that don't fit right is horrible. So I am the girl trying on heels and then running through the shoe department to test them out. :)

lotusgirl said...

I'm totally with you. No surprise I'm sure. I've had to give up high heels almost completely though since my foot surgery. Alas.