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10 July 2010

Disney movie trauma

I've mentioned this fear before, here and here.
There is no technical/scientific name for my fear.

To say that I'm afraid of octopuses is an understatement. I physically react {shudder+squirm+yell} if I merely see a picture of one. I hate them so much. Yet, I don't believe that I've ever fully explained the origin of this fear of mine. Allow me to share a brief anecdote.

When I was about three years old I watched The Little Mermaid. It gave me terrible nightmares. My mom told me that I woke up screaming. To this day, I still remember that nightmare in vivid detail. There is a lot more to the nightmare, but essentially it ended with Ursula dragging me to the bottom of the ocean and drowning me
. My poor little three-year-old self was traumatized, and I've been terrified of octopuses ever since.

I tried watching the movie again about a year ago {for the first time since I was three} and I couldn't make it through the whole movie. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, and had to stop the movie.

So there you have it: my sad little story about nightmares and Disney movies.

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Karen said...

Can you really place nightmares and Disney in the same sentence? You love Disney! Well,except for the Little Mermaid.