kis·met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized
1. fate.
"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language.
That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

"Growing up Southern is a privilege, really. It's more than where you're born; it's an idea and state of mind that seems imparted at birth. It's more than loving fried chicken, sweet tea, football, and country music. It’s being hospitable, devoted to front porches, magnolias, moon pies, coca-cola... and each other. We don't become Southern - we're born that way." - Unknown

08 May 2009

today, featuring:

{and ten reasons why he is great}
1. he has red hair
2. his eyes match his hair
3. he tells really cheesy jokes that aren't very funny, but you laugh anyway because he cracks himself up before he gets to the punch line
4. he genuinely cares about people
5. he's an animal lover
6. he likes building forts
7. he's not afraid to be silly and/or crazy
8. he is carrying on the tradition of being a part of the lugoff-elgin band program
9. aside from when he resorts to number three, he really does have a good sense of humor
10. he's usually always enthusiastic

"huzzah!" for little brothers
{we'll forgive the Clemson attire....he'll come back to the light sooner or later}


lotusgirl said...

Yeah, I was wondering what alternate dimension he was in with that shirt on and the tiger by his side.

He's a great kid. David wishes they could be brothers.

Maggie has that same red hair matching her eyes thing going on. I love that.

Karen said...

From Graham: Thank you for the comments. I think you are pretty great too!

PS...I am in "the light"; you are in "the dark". lol.