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1. fate.
"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language.
That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

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29 September 2010

a funny story for you

It was before church started, and Spencer and I were there a few minutes early so he could talk to some people about coordinating music. We sat down for a few minutes, then he left to go talk to his people. As soon as Spencer went away, this guy walks up to me and stands uncomfortably close to me as I'm sitting on the pew minding my own business. My first thought was that he was in charge of something and needed to talk to specific people. Wrong.
The conversation was as follows:

boy (excitedly): Hi! My name is ________. What's your name?
me (slightly confused): Alyssa.
boy: Nice to meet you! My name is __________. Are you new in the *ward?
me (with absolutely no personality at all because I figured out he's trying flirt with me): No.
boy: Oh, cool! How long have you been coming here?
me (frantically looking for Spencer): Since April.
boy: That's cool. My name is ____________. (editor's note: he seriously told me his name three times-poor thing)
me (found Spencer. now trying to bore holes into his back with my eyes so he'll turn around): Okay.
:: guy still talking. i ignore him and keep trying to get Spencer's attention.

Spencer finally turned around, saw me, hurried over, slid into the pew and grabbed my hand.
Then the guy tried to play it off like he knew who I was, and wasn't trying to chat me up. It was pretty funny, though. I was going to give the guy about fifteen more seconds before "You should probably go sit down. My fiance is right there." came out of my mouth, but thankfully Spencer saw me and came over. This guy was so completely clueless (you almost couldn't help but feel sorry for him) - as if my tone of voice and frantic looking around and diamond engagement ring weren't enough to give him a clue that he needed to go away.

All in all, it makes for an amusing anecdote to share.

*in my church, the different congregations are called "wards". each ward is grouped together based on geographical location and usually given a name corresponding to the city it's in.


Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA what an idiot! And at church no less. So funny.

Glad Spencer came to your rescue! Sometimes, even when you're married and standing right beside your husband, they still don't get it. And then you see what it's like to have your husband go all caveman, hahaha.


lotusgirl said...

snarf! That he didn't look for the engagement ring. That was always a standard move for guys before they swooped in.