kis·met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized
1. fate.
"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language.
That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

"Growing up Southern is a privilege, really. It's more than where you're born; it's an idea and state of mind that seems imparted at birth. It's more than loving fried chicken, sweet tea, football, and country music. It’s being hospitable, devoted to front porches, magnolias, moon pies, coca-cola... and each other. We don't become Southern - we're born that way." - Unknown

19 March 2010

here's to happiness {again}

ten more things that make me terrible happy
pretty pretty please let spring stay for real this time...

1. short stories
2. the sound of falling rain
3. allowing my hair to air-dry
4. gilmore girls
5. my major
6. cyclysm sundays
7. hints of spring being here for good
8. the recording of a thunderstorm i found that puts me right to sleep
9. mr. ickleford
10. the library. it. has. everything.


Karen said...

terrible happy...isn't that an oxymoron? I absolutely LOVE tempted to fly out to see them again! That was so fun last year :) Here's hoping for Spring! K.

Rose Red said...

I love the sound and smell of rain. Have a great weekend.

lojo said...

the library even includes words that rhythm with purple