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1. fate.
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That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

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21 January 2010

clap, clap, clap

Continuing on my symphony kick, nothing kills the mood of a wonderfully beautiful symphony faster than people clapping in between the movements. Seriously, people, that is such a concert-going faux pas, not to mention one of my biggest pet peeves. You're not supposed to clap in between movements. Rather, you are supposed to wait until the end, and then give your thunderous applause.

This brings me to another observation about concerts {genre: classical} which is the standing ovation. Personally speaking, I am rather stingy with my standing ovations. I don't just stand up because it is what is expected of me socially. I also have no problem remaining seated even if the rest of the audience is on their feet. Standing ovations, in my opinion, have become devalued. They are, by definition, reserved for "any exceptional performance of high acclaim". I feel like we are so eager to give even the most mediocre performance a standing ovation, when in reality, they don't deserve anything of the sort.

I'm interested; what is your opinion on this? Is the standing ovation devalued?


lotusgirl said...

Yep. I think the standing ovation is totally devalued. It's almost like it's expected any more.

Kelsie Lynn said...


K all of that didnt need to be in caps.. but this is my pet peeve.

If there is anything terrible and annoying about BYU its that everyone is way too talented (it makes me feel like an ant) and that they praise eveyone too much at performances.

Dude. you're not thAt good. It was a good performance, but you just dont need to stand up. and you- yes you- you dont need to follow suit. oh gosh now everyone is standing up...UGGHH i suppose i should now because every single idiot in the hall is now on their feet.

That (above) is my experience at every BYU concert.

Karen said...

standing ovations should definitely be reserved for the "worthy" and of course your own children! ;)