kis·met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized
1. fate.
"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language.
That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

"Growing up Southern is a privilege, really. It's more than where you're born; it's an idea and state of mind that seems imparted at birth. It's more than loving fried chicken, sweet tea, football, and country music. It’s being hospitable, devoted to front porches, magnolias, moon pies, coca-cola... and each other. We don't become Southern - we're born that way." - Unknown

24 October 2009

most times, good trumps bad

Some things in life are not beautiful. Like the woman in early morning water aerobics who desperately needs a larger swimsuit.

And then there are things that are so lovely, and work out so beautifully that you're sure it was made that way just for you. Like how work is exactly one listen of The Beatles' "Oh! Darling" away from my apartment.

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lotusgirl said...

yep. sometimes that's the way it works. go good!