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1. fate.
"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language.
That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

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17 June 2009

i have been waiting for this to air on pbs for quite some time now

Picture this:
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, and Josh Groban
all on the same stage.
It was all for this.
{and it was phenomenal}

There aren't words quite adequate enough to express how excited I was about this. And can we just talk for one minute about their voices? wow. just, wow. I'm sure most of you know Josh's and Idina's work, but if you're not familiar with Adam Pascal's work, please, do yourself a big favor and go listen to his music.
{either his solo albums or his theater work will do}
he's brilliant. you'll love him.

It was so great to see Adam and Idina performing together again.
It was reminiscent of earlier days.

{and to make things even more perfect, as Idina and company sang the final resounding notes of the beautiful, extremely powerful "Anthem (Reprise)" that boy that I'm oh so fond of popped up to chat}

great musical + great conversation = the good life


Kelsie Lynn said...

I studied for my exam and missed it!!!!!!!
let me go cry now

LuLu Belle said...

OH WOW - you'll have to tell me when something like *this* happens again. My kids can sing Josh Groban in their sleep! LOL We are also fans of the Celtic singers on PBS.

lotusgirl said...

Ok. I was hoping your links to Adam were going to blow me away with his singing. All I got was a picture. Snark. Now I'm going to have to go hunt him up on youtube. Snarkitty snark. The others I've heard and love. I wish I'd seen that concert. Snark. I'd have set that to record. Snark! Snark! Couldn't have given the old auntie the heads up? Snark! Just had to lord it over her once you got to see it and she didn't. Snark! Good on you! Snark-o-rama! Ugh! :P