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1. fate.
"We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language.
That may be the measure of our lives." - Toni Morrison

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27 May 2009

sometimes being fun-sized has its drawbacks

I had this conversation at work today:

Coworker: "Hi. I haven't met you before. What's your name?"
Me: "Alyssa. It's nice to meet you."
Coworker: "It's nice to meet you too. So, are you a junior or a senior in high school?"
Me: "Actually, I'm a junior at BYU."
Coworker: {with surprise and skepticism} "Oh. Really? You look a lot younger than that."
Me: {in my head: 'what? you don't believe me? do you want some i.d.?'} aloud: "Yeah. I know."

I suppose I'll like this when I'm thirty and still look twenty-five, but for now it's really quite aggravating when people assume that I'm only seventeen-ish.


LuLu Belle said...

I just commented on Facebook. It's so annoying - I was 20, mistaken for a 12 year old. HUH?

Karen said...

Great things come in little packages!

Alternative response: So are you in your late 20's or early 30's???


L. Laws said...

My sister is 29 and when we stood in the reception line someone says to her, "Your outfit is so pretty, you could wear it to prom!"

And I laughed at her.

Anita said...

Kristi was home one day a few years ago when the stump grinder came by asking her if her dad was home. She had to be about 30 at the time with 2 kids (3 if you count Mike!)... it could be worse!

lotusgirl said...

Aww! It is nice when you're older though.